About me

I was born in Toyama, Japan. I worked as software developer in Tokyo over 17 years and returned to my hometown in 2015.

At Toyama, I continued to developing software with interesting technology as self-employed.


Portal site management system

A web service for manage multiple portal sites, include following futures.

  • Fetch shop information from official page, then update with it to portal sites. In other words, sync information with multiple portal sites automatically. shop information is room availability for instance.
  • Post news content to portal sites at scheduled time. It can schedule with calendar and timetable.

We built scraping, web automation and job scheduler system. with c#, JavaScript, SQL Server, Redis, Azure, AngleSharp, Hangfire.

Web sites

Develop web sites with PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, SASS, etc.

Mamemaki Online Backup(Suspended)

A backup software for Windows, use cloud storage(Amazon S3, Azure blob, etc) that make less cost and more redundancy.